What should I bring to my first appointment?
An open mind, because you never know! No matter where you go, you’ll want to be sure to try on all silhouettes and styles, especially ones you may not be initially drawn to. Trying on various shapes will either prove your expectation of what gown style best suits you, or it will open up your options to shapes you never would have considered had you not tried them on at all.


Who should I bring to my first appointment?
“Less is more!” Bring people whose opinions you value most!


When should I purchase my gown?
Once you set a date, you’ll want to start looking at gowns. Making a decision as soon as you find a dress you love will be a big weight off your shoulders.


How long do alterations take?
About two to three months is the recommended time frame, but if you’re considering custom design work, it will take longer, depending on the intricacy of the design.


What should I bring to my alterations appointment?
Be sure to bring shoes and any kind of undergarments or foundation garment you plan to wear on the day of your wedding. These can affect the hem and fit of the gown, and you’ll want to ensure the most accurate fit possible, so bring these items with you to every fitting you have.


Why do wedding gowns cost so much and why do they take so long to make?
Wedding gowns are not like ready-to-wear in that they are not premade. A gown’s worth is determined by its quality in terms of its materials (e.g. fabric, lace, beadwork, etc.) and production. An authentic gown that comes from a reputable boutique will have more high-quality materials, with a single gown requiring anywhere between 70-150 hours to create. Be wary of purchasing a gown online because the allure of its cheap price tag is as high as the risk of buying it.